Proposal for improving Nix error messages

I’m lucky to be in touch with a lot of people that use Nix day to day. One of the most occouring annoyances that pops up more frequently with those starting with Nix are confusing error messages. Since Nix community has previously succesfully stepped up and funded removal of Perl to reduce barriers for source code contributions, I think we ought to do the same for removing barriers when using Nix. [Read More]

CDN and double storage size

Cachix - Nix binary cache hosting, has grown quite a bit in recent months in terms of day to day usage and that was mostly noticable on bandwidth. Over 3000 GB were served in December 2019. CDN by CloudFlare Increased usage prompted a few backend machine instance upgrades to handle concurrent upload/downloads, but it became clear it’s time to abandon single machine infrastructure. As of today, all binary caches are served by CloudFlare CDN. [Read More]